Pisa, Italy

I have been to Pisa four times and have seen the tower every time! Growing up, my family always went on holiday to Italy and recently, I brought my boyfriend back there this summer.

Pisa is an ideal spot for a short city break or a day trip from another part of Italy. The trains in Italy are very efficient and regular so a day trip is very doable.

Picture2.pngLocated in Piazza dei Miracoli, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the main attraction and is always crowded. You will see hundreds of people trying to get the perfect picture of them pushing the tower or stopping it from falling. There will always be people in the background of your pictures doing this. If you want, you can go inside the leaning tower and climb the 250+ steps all of the way to the top. They are quite narrow, so if you’re not great with enclosed spaces, be aware of this. Tickets are limited for each of the time slots, but can be booked in advance online. Prices start at around 30 and can be bought here or on tripadvisor. Security has increased since my first visit, so leave yourself plenty time if you do book tickets.


In this square, you will also see the Duomo Di Pisa and you can take a tour inside. Your shoulders and knees will need to be covered to go inside so have a scarf or jacket with you.

Around the square, you will see lots of horse-drawn carriages that will take you on a tour of the city, street performers, market stalls and souvenir shops, where you can buy all things Leaning Tower, even Leaning Mugs! It is a very busy area and a lot of the restaurants are standard, but expensive, because of the location. You’re better off taking a short walk and finding something just outside the square.

If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Pisa, check out The Phantom of the Opera Restaurant or locally known as Osteria Il Fantasma Dell’Opera. It may be a bit more expensive than normal but has some great Italian Food and Wine. If you’re staying in Pisa, it’s worth stopping in here.

If you’re getting the trains to and from Pisa, you will pass the Ponte de Mezzo bridge, where people stop to get pictures of the city.

Accommodation in Pisa can vary a lot. Air B and B has a number of fab apartments that you can rent close to the main attractions and is always worth a look, or else, check out these hotels and B and Bs:

  1. Grand Hotel Bonanno – 10 minutes from the Leaning Tower
  2. Hotel Pisa Tower – Very close to the Leaning Tower
  3. B&B Guerrazzi – less than 2km from the Leaning Tower. Has great reviews
  4. Central Tower B and B – Basic but clean and cheap for a quick stop in Pisa

Other than those main attractions, there’s not a huge amount to do in Pisa. 3 days is more than enough time here if you want to do longer than a day trip. Take in the sights, roam the narrow streets and then enjoy the all the pizza, pasta and wine you possibly can!

Top Tips:

  • Watch out for pickpockets! I normally seperate my cash into different pockets and carry some in my bag
  • Get to the Leaning Tower early to avoid crowds and the midday sun.
  • Check out my Lucca Post for a nearby getaway in the Tuscan Countryside.


Top Tip Traveller 🙂

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  1. good advice, thanks!

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    1. No worries! Hope it helps. PM me on instagram if you have any questions 🙂


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