Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I spent 6 days in Kuala Lumpur and definitely learned loads of tips and tricks for travelling here.

One of the biggest attractions in Kuala Lumpur are the Petronas Towers. The towers are very easy to get to because they are located at a shopping centre. You can get the metro line to the KLCC stop. The mall has everything, from high end shops to electronics and lots of restaurants. (if you’re getting the metro, make sure you have small cash! You can’t use card and some of the larger notes aren’t accepted either!)

At the back of this mall are the Lake Symphony fountains and a park where you can watch the fountains or sunset. They are similar in a way to the Dubai Fountains.

We went to KLCC during the day to see the Petronas Towers and then walked through the park to Trader’s Hotel. This hotel has a sky bar where you can watch the sunset over the park and Petronas Towers while sipping a cocktail. It is a fab view and they run ladies night there too some evenings, with free cocktails for girls. Get there early to make sure you get a seat with a view! The bar has a swimming pool in the middle so be careful not to slip because it gets a bit wet! We ate dinner in one of the restaurants here too.

Another fab bar to watch the sunset is the Heli Bar near KLCC. This is a HeliPad that has been converted to a bar. You have to buy a drink to access it but it’s worth going up to watch the sunset from there.

Petronas Towers at Sunset, During the Day (bottom left) and lit up at night (bottom right)

Kuala Lumpur also has an observation deck called Menara KL or KL Tower. Up here you can get a 360 view of the city and see the Petronas Towers from up here too. It is better to get up here early because it can be very busy and the rain generally comes later in the afternoon.  We had thunder and lightning while we were up there…best to avoid that!! You can pick from a number of options, the regular observation deck, the glass bottom level or you can even have food up there, but we were told the food isn’t great and just to go to the regular observation deck. An hour to two hours should be plenty of time for doing this.

The view from Menara KL on a stormy day

The Batu Caves are the next big attraction here. You can get a taxi to the caves yourself or go as part of an organised trip. The hotels charge a lot more for these tours so I would avoid booking with them. We got a tour for $10 on www.viator.com. This included our bus and we also went to a tin factory tour along the way. Unless it’s part of your tour, I wouldn’t really bother with it.

When you get to the Batu Caves, you will see the Golden Buddha at the end of the steps. Then, you have over 200 steep steps to climb. The steps get very wet and dirty and become slippy. Avoid flipflops or sandals and were runners this day. (Girls will need to have their knees and shoulders covered before you can go up. They have scarves you can rent for 5 ringgit and you get 2 ringgit back when you return it)

At the top of the steps you will see the monkeys running around. If you have food, they will come and take it from you! Some people bring nuts and bananas to give them or you can just watch them run around the caves.

Batu Caves, KL

If you’re looking for nightlife, Electric Boulevard (it was referred to as TREC too) is quite close to KLCC. This is a closed off, pedestrianised area with restaurants, bars and clubs lined on each side of the street. Taxis should know where this area is. There is a great buzz here, even midweek, with bars doing different deals on different days. We went here more than once and really enjoyed ourselves! They even offer a ladies night too! You can see the Petronas Towers from some of the bars on the upper level too. 

If you’re into shopping and looking for knock-off clothes and bags, China Town is where you need to go. This is located at Petaling Street. Personally, I don’t have the patience for the haggling there, so while some people shopped, I found a really quirky bar just outside the entrance to Chinatown. It was called PS 150 and looked like a toy shop from the outside. It was very alternative in there, with dim lighting and unique cocktails. It was a nice place to pass an hour while I was waiting for the shoppers to return. Next door is a cafe called Merchant’s Lane, if you’re looking for food rather than a drink.

We stayed in an area called Bangsar, which is an expat area. However, you’re better off staying closer to KLCC, because most of the attractions are close to there. We spent a lot of money on getting taxis in to the centre and home again. Taxis are quite expensive in KL, so having the uber app will save you a fortune. It was so useful for us and most places have wifi you can use too if you don’t have a roaming plan. If you do stay in Bangsar, Bangsar Village Mall has some lovely restaurants inside and a great selection just across the road too. We stayed in the Pullman Bangsar and it was such a nice hotel. We got a great deal on priceline

Here are some other hotels with great reviews to consider if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur:

All of these hotels are central around 10 min drive from KLCC. The price ranges from 40-60, but if you look at Agoda, www.booking.com and Priceline, you’re likely to get a deal on these.

Top Tips:

  • Uber will be very useful for getting around
  • Make sure you watch sunset from a sky bar
  • Check the weather before going up Menara KL to avoid rain/cloudy weather
  • If you’re looking to travel around Malaysia, Penang is a highly recommended area too.

Happy Travelling,

Top Tip Traveller 🙂



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