Lucca, Italy

Lucca is not the most common Italian holiday destination, but as mentioned in my Pisa post, my family travelled to Italy a lot and Lucca was one of the places we ventured to. My sister even got married there! Lucca is around 30 minutes on the train to Pisa Centrale and 1h 20 to Florence. It’s got countryside and town all in one so you can experience the best of both worlds.

Lucca is an old walled town with narrow streets and archways. It hasn’t become too touristy yet so it still has a great Italian feel to it. You can walk on top of the walls or rent bikes and cycle the whole thing or just sections. It is 4 kilometers in total. You can still see some of the old buildings and cells that were used. Bikes can be rented from a lot of different parts of the city and they’re pretty inexpensive. Most of these rental places do look for passports as security so make sure you have yours with you.

Walls of Lucca

In Lucca, there are some fab restaurants. Paris Boheme was recommended to us and we went there our last two nights. It is a small, dainty restaurant in a small square and the food was amazing. It is all prepared fresh so certain items sell out during the dinner rush. Try to book in advance if you can! You won’t be disappointed!

Every summer, there is a music festival in Lucca, that headlines some big names. Because Lucca is not a tourist destination, tickets are easier to get. You can also just sit in a bar or cafe on one of the nearby streets and listen to the performances. We sat and had drinks and gelato while listening to Mary J Blige!

While in Lucca, you can also organise day trips to vineyards and spend the day tasting the wines of the region. Prices for these vary a lot but you can ask in your hotel reception or have a look on tripadvisor for the best match for you.

At night, you can try your hand at cooking some Italian food by attending a cooking class. A bit of fun and you can learn some amazing Italian recipes.

For accommodation, we stayed outside the walls of the city. It was a 15 minute walk into the town, but the accommodation was so peaceful and away from the rush of the town. We stayed in Villa Corte Degli Dei. It is a family run B and B with traditional style rooms, a private pool and bar. Exactly what you need for some down time. There are different types of rooms, from basic rooms to ground floor apartments with kitchenette so this place suits single travellers and families. I would definitely recommend staying here.

Pool Views at Villa Corte Degli Dei

When my sister got married here, the wedding was in Villa Rinascimento. This is further out that Villa Corte Degli Dei and is a taxi ride into the town. The views here are amazing though and you can book their restaurant for dinner if you just want to take a trip here. You can stay in the main villa or the guest houses they have. I don’t think you would be going in to Lucca every day from here but it’s perfect if you’re just looking for some peace and quiet and some good food and wine! Look at the views from their infinity pool! Pure Tuscan countryside!

Infinity pool goals – Villa Rinascimento

Top Tips:

  • If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Tuscany, Lucca is a great idea for 4-7 days. There are not much sights to see, but you can simply relax, recharge and enjoy the food and drink that Tuscany has to offer!
  • Trains are a great way to get around Italy and are very punctual
  • You can rent some amazing countryside villas on Air B and B
  • Enjoy all the pizza, pasta and wine, especially in the Amphitheatre
  • Check out my Pisa Blog post for a day trip from here.


Top Tip Traveller 🙂


7 thoughts on “Lucca, Italy

  1. I love reading about off the beaten path adventures. I have always wanted to be Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun! Lucca sounds like a wonderful getaway.


  2. Never heard of Lucca. Sounds fab!! Looks beautiful.
    Love discovering new places.


  3. Beautiful pictures! I would love to go there one day. I’m all about experiences new places. 💙


  4. A weekend in the mountains in Italy sounds like an absolute dream. I loved Rome but it was not relaxing at all – this would be the ideal escape!


  5. I’ve been to Lucca on a day trip and it was a lovely day. I did the bike ride around the wall and there was the antique market the day I was there. Love this look into spending a little more time in the area!


  6. Lucca is a wonderful place – but which Italian place isn’t?! How cute that your sister got married there. Auguri – auguri!


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