Melbourne – Australian Roadtrip

Melbourne was one of my favourite cities in Australia. It’s a very chilled place with loads to do and see.

The Brighton Beach Boxes are probably one of the major tourist attractions in Melbourne. They are pretty cool and the beach they’re on has great views of the city. We got the train to the Middle Brighton stop and walked the length on the beach and got the train back to the city from the Brighton Beach stop. This means you get to see the whole beach and not double back on yourself. There’s a memorial bench at the end of the beach which is a great place to take in the view of the Melbourne skyline.


Next, we got the train into Flinders Street station. This is very central and there are a lot of backpacker hostels in this area. We walked around the city and went to Hosier Lane to check out the graffiti there.


For sports fans, all of the sports stadiums and venues are located near the Richmond train stop. The MCG Stadium does daily tours of the grounds and you can also visit the museum that has AFL, Cricket and Olympic Memorabilia along with an interactive section. The tours run 10-3 daily but only one tour runs on days there are matches on. We went to an AFL game too and it was a great day out.


The Eureka Skydeck 88 is where you will get the views of the city. It’s the Southern Hemispheres highest viewing platform. You can go to the observation deck or go to the edge, which is a glass bottom section.

For foodies, the Queen Victoria Markets are good to visit. The hours vary throughout the week so you can check them here. The Night Markets are better, in my opinion, and have so many food stalls and even performers. I would recommend going here in the evening over the day Markets.

The Docklands have alot to offer too. Here you will find the observation wheel and amusements. We went to a place called ArtVo, which is a gallery where you can create illusions with the paintings. It was a bit of fun, especially as the weather was bad when we were there!


The St.Kilda area is worth a visit too. The beach and pier there are lovely. On the pier, you will be able to see the penguins come out at night. Between 6-8pm, at the end of the pier, they come out of the rocks and go into the water. It’s hard to capture photos of them because you can’t use a flash around them but it’s cool to see them. There’s a streetlight by the steps so it’s easier to see them there. Be patient as they can take a while to come out.  There’s a cafe called Little Blue, just by the rocks so you can get a take away  coffee to keep you warm. You can get there early and watch the sunset over the pier.

Sunset in St. Kilda

Top Tips:

  • Habitat HQ is a great hostel in St.Kilda. Right next to a tram stop and Jucy Car rentals.
  • A MyKi card is worth getting to get you around the city. You can get daily and weekly passes too. There is also a free city tram.
  • You can do day trips of the Great Ocean Road. We drove it ourselves instead. Check out my  post about it.
  • Some great food places we found were Drumplings, Sushi Hub, B’Churrasco and Naked for Satan
  • You can get 10% off Eureka Skydeck with your MyKi card
  • Southbank is a great area for a photo op and food and drinks, near Flinders Street.
  • Check out my Great Ocean Road post

Happy Travels,

Top Tip Traveller 🙂

Views from Brighton Beach

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