The Great Ocean Road – Australian Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road is an amazing scenic drive along the Southern Coast of Australia. It is recommended that you spend around 2-3 days doing this trip. You can do a return trip to/from Melbourne or continue all the way to Adelaide. The views are amazing along the way and this is where you will see the famous 12 Apostles. Here is how we did our trip.

Day 1 – Melbourne to Lorne:

We started our Great Ocean Road trip in St. Kilda and rented our car there from Jucy. We drive through Torquay and stopped in Anglesea to see Bell’s Beach. We continued on to Airey’s Inlet to see the Lighthouse and lookout there. Next, we headed to Eastern View, to where the Great Ocean Road sign is, and got a photo there and walked to the beach. We decided to stop in a town called Lorne for our first night. Lorne is a lovely beach front town with a lot of cafes and restaurants. It can be quiet in the winter but buzzing in the summer. We stayed in Great Ocean Road Cottages for the night. They have regular rooms and dorm rooms and the staff are so friendly there. It is almost like being in a forest, with lots of birds and even koalas to keep you company.

GOR Sign

Day 2 – Lorne to Apollo Bay:

We began day 2 with a few sights near Lorne. We went to Teddy’s Lookout and stopped at Erskine Falls on the way back down. On the way to Apollo Bay, we made a quick stop at Kenneth River. Here you can go for a walk and try and see some koalas. There are a lot of birds here too and they landed on us while we were walking. We made our way to Apollo Bay for the night. Another beach town with cafes and restaurants. We stayed at the YHA Hostel here. Mariner’s Lookout is just outside the town. It is around a 30-40 minute walk up to views of the ccean.

KR Birds.jpg
Wild birds in Kenneth River

Day 3 – Apollo Bay to Port Campbell:

On the way to Port Campbell we stopped at Gibson’s Steps and walked onto the beach. From here, you can see start to see the 12 Apostles. Next stop was the 12 Apostles. You can park in the visitor centre and walk to the 12 Apostle Viewpoints. After the 12 Apostles is the Loch Ard Gorge. You will arrive at Port Campbell after these attractions. Just beyond Port Campbell there are a few more attractions – Bay of Martyrs, Bay of Islands, London Bridge, The Arch and The Grotto. You can go and see these and come back to Port Campbell for the night. A lot of people finish here and then head back to Melbourne. We checked into Port Campbell Hostel for the night.

12 apostles.jpg
The 12 Apostles on a rainy day

Day 4 – Port Campbell to Adelaide:

This day was purely driving, either back to Melbourne or to Adelaide. We drove all the way to Adelaide.There’s not a lot to see along the way, unless you’re heading into the Grampians National Park. Personally, having gone all the way to Adelaide, I would recommend just going back to Melbourne and maybe flying to Adelaide. There’s not much on the road from Port Campbell to Adelaide.

Top Tips:

  • If you’re renting a car, it’s cheaper to do a return trip to Melbourne to avoid the one-way free on top of your rental.
  • Some people continue onto Port Fairy instead of stopping at Port Campbell.
  • If you do continue to Adelaide, here are some places to consider stopping; Port Fairy, Port Land and Robe.
  • Petrol stations can be scarce! Make sure to top up regularly, even if you don’t really need to.

Happy Travelling,

Top Tip Traveller 🙂

LDN Bridge.jpg
London Bridge

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